Hi Guys !!  My name is Anita. I'm a 36yo, blonde, blue eyed girl, single white female hosting in the Wilmington, NC area.

I'm very different than what you typically find online these days. Well, first and foremost...I'm REAL !! There are so many fake postings out there !! When I cruise the ads to check out the competition, I'm baffled by the amount of fake ads or ads that really say nothing about the girl. So my approach to tackle this and help you figure out if I'm a girl you would like to spend some time with, is to give you a thorough description of myself and what time with me will entail.

Physically, I'm 5'7" and weigh about 130lbs. I'm naturally busty with amazing 34DD's. The pictures posted are real and 100% me, guaranteed. They are all current! There is no bait and switch here. I promise you that.

Time with me will be a little different than what  you have experienced in the past. Well, maybe you've been lucky and found the "right" girl in the past, but then you wouldn't be here reading my blog if it was all that perfect.

When you come to see me, I want you to slow the pace. Do not feel rushed to get the session started or ended !! I want you to sit with me and lets get to know each other. I want  to know you but also want you to get to know me. If you are shy, no worries, allow me to guide you. I'm not a chatterbox, but I am an extrovert and have no problem, holding your hand and making you feel comfortable in my company. You can relax and open up to me at your pace...but I do ask that you are open to this...to give this a chance.

Mutual Touch - OK

Reverse Massage Time

I am a Sensual Massage Provider, but also a Discretionary Companion. What does that mean? Well, to upgrade to a more intimate session with me, it will always be at my discretion, my choice. I'm posted as a Sensual Massage Provider because that's what I do and I'm great at it, but I am looking for long term connections, so the option to being more intimate with me is something I'm not opposed to...but again, its my choice.

I do give a really amazing body rub session which also includes intimacy and companionship and of course the traditional FBSM stress relieving finish. Please do not book with me and think that it means once we meet you get an upgrade.


Again, its a choice and I'm being honest, that it may take time. I don't want to feel the pressure from you that this is your only goal, your main goal. It will start our new friendship off on the wrong foot. It will be like letting that guy at the bar buy you a drink...does it mean I am now committed to going home with him? or better yet, if I accept an offer for a dinner date with a guy that I find interesting...does that mean I'm now committed to sleeping with him?

If you are the guy looking for quick encounters, I'm just not the girl for you. There are plenty of options out there that will fit your needs. I'm not looking for commitments or to have an affair with you. Its not like that. If and when you are in the mood for some sensual, erotic company...I want you to think of me...be it daily, weekly or monthly. Of course, if you are a traveler and just visiting the area on business, YES you can call on me !! If we connect, I would love it that you call on me every time you come to town!


So let me tell you about my Sensual Massage Sessions. I'm very well trained in the art of sensual touch. I'm not a licensed massage therapist so if you have body aches and pains, I'm not the right person to come visit. Time under my hands is about the sensual, the erotic, the pleasures of touch.

My touch is very calculated and methodical. No, its not a robotic body rub session because I have a system. I'm just thorough and smart about how to delivery a great experience.  I use the Tantric 3 Touch System. If you've never heard of it or experienced it before,  you are in for a very pleasurable and enlightening experience, of how a really great body rub can be !

The Tantric 3 Touch System, is like 3 complete body rub sessions all blended into one. The first portion is the kneading of your body, it is similar to the professional's, but  not. I rub and knead you from head to toe, covering all the parts you would expect, but I will also include your scalp, face, ears...etc. These are pleasure points as well, and so often neglected because girls just don't think about it. This portion of your time is about getting you to relax and stimulate your skin for the more sensual touches to come.

Initially, your mind is amped up and too focused on what my hands are doing and where they are ! I need to break you of that and get you to relax. By the time I'm done with this portion, you will be more relax and more receptive to your Body Scratching time. I will seamlessly switch to using the tips of my fingernails to do a light scratching of your entire body. Again, I will include your scalp, face and even your butt !! It is amazing, hot and very sensual. Don't worry, the scratching is light and will not leave any marks, but firm enough not to be like tickling you.

Screenshot_2019-02-27 Anita 910-898-2208
Screenshot_2019-02-27 Anita 910-898-2208
Screenshot_2019-02-27 Anita 910-898-2208

Next comes the Feather Touches, which will be the light touches of my fingertips. Its light, but not too light that you feel ticklish. However, if you need be to be firmer in my touch during this portion, just let me know. Some of you are very ticklish and I can adjust. Again, this portion also entails full body coverage !! The light touches of my fingers will have you completely relax and turned on at the same time !

If you are having a difficult time picturing this, I'll tell you that my hands are positioned like a rake mowing over your body. I cover every inch of you with this technique. Very calculated and methodical to give you a thorough and comprehensive experience. You may not want this to ever end, but sadly it does !

As I wrap things up, I will give you an amazing finish that will leave you with a smile and less stress and "happy" that you came to see me. Now, don't just jump up and rush to the bathroom. Allow me to go get you a warm wash cloth to clean you up. I want you just to lay there and relax, enjoy the moment of peace and quiet in your day. Let me clean you up and if there is time, lets just lay there and cuddle. I would love to snuggle til its  time for you to leave. Its a lovely and intimate way to finish our time together.

If we have time and you are up for it, I'm ok with some reverse massage time. You can lay me down and give me a massage, maybe imitate the things I just did to you. The choice is  up to you. Please be respectful while I'm under your hands. No penetrating with your hands and if I say NO to something you are doing, just stop and move on. Not a big deal !


My sessions are unrushed !! I can't do this or make any real connection in a Half Hour, so I don't offer HH sessions.

One hour sessions are tough enough to try and get everything in, but I'll do it. I know not every one is able to take more than an hour for themselves. I prefer the 90 min or 120 min sessions, for us to allow ourselves the time to enjoy each other

I do my sessions in lingerie, but may go topless or full nude if I'm comfortable. Do not ask me to promise this in advance. Do not make in conditional to coming to see me. If I feel its conditional, then I will not book you

I'm no prude. I allow mutual touch with respectful boundaries. I may allow for you to have some extra liberties, but again, only if I'm comfortable...so don't ask me in advance if I allow DATY. Nothing "extra" will ever be promised in advance. I like to feel I have a choice and I'm just not the girl with a full menu that offers it to anyone that happened to message in and has roses in their pocket to burn. Its not about the roses, its about me still having a choice.


Some General Rules:

*No explicit questions when messaging me

*Do not send me dick pics

*Do not ask me to send you unblocked pics of myself or additional pics. There are plenty here and in my ads

Do not ask me about "Rates", my Rose info is stated here

*Do no come early. I may not be ready and I don't want to make you wait in the parking lot


*Do not come late. I have a schedule. I like to be punctual and respectful to other people's planned appts. There is a chain reaction when you are late !

I will consider Outcall visits, but there will be a surcharge to make it worth my while to travel. I will factor in that I cannot see another client during that travel time. I do not think most of you will consider this feasible, but for those of you with bottomless pockets, well  you can always ask

I will do Dinner & Rub Dates, but it will be a minimum 3 hour Rose charge. (We can do dinner in, if discretion is an issue)

If there is ever an option to Upgrade to MORE, it will be done privately and between us. Rose info will be discussed then.

Rose Info

1.0 hour - 200

1.5 hour - 280

2.0 hour - 360

Each additional hour is 200




Texting Preferred on Initial Contact

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